Restaurant Hood Cleaning  Business Tips | October 2018

In the restaurant hood cleaning business, keeping your costs down is important because raising fees can be tough for a restaurant client to swallow.


3 Historical Gastropubs in Houston, TX

I found the word “gastropub” while doing restaurant reviews and thought I would narrow down my search to just these kinds of restaurants. The definition of “gastropub” is simple: a pub that specializes in serving high-quality food. So here are three gastropubs in Houston, TX that you might want to check out.

Review of 3 Gastropubs in Portland, OR

The Observatory became a reality to two young couple with years of restaurant experience in December of 2008.  An instant success in the Southeast Portland area, The Observatory created a unique atmosphere that menu that catered to everyone. As their success grew, so did their desire to expand their restaurant.  That opportunity came when they created the Over and Out.  Over and Out is just down the hall and features the same delicious menu as The Observatory, however, it features… Read More Read More

Las Vegas Building Renovation & Asbestos Removal Issues – Org This!

Historical building renovation has always captured my attention and if I were slightly wealthy, I would do it simply for the joy of it and as a true ‘hobby’. I’ve had opportunities come up to be involved in older buildings that could be suited for repurposing, but the expense sent It off into a category beyond the stratosphere.