Great Barbecue Restaurants in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, Florida’s biggest industry is their thirty-eight-foot-deep water port.  It actually ranks as the second top port in the United State for vehicle-handling  – New York is the first.  There is actually three railroad systems as well as a highway that system that links the city to three major interstates.  With three seaports and four … Continue reading Great Barbecue Restaurants in Jacksonville, FL

Amazing Barbecue Restaurants in Phoenix, AZ

Dining out in Phoenix is very common occurrence as many people commute and find it hard to plan meals. Some will go out three to four times per week! In 2015 it was estimated that there were about two thousand nine hundred places that were listed as a bar or restaurant. As you can imagine the competition to stay open is fierce. This article will review three barbecue restaurants in the Phoenix area.