The Best Restaurants for Dining in Tampa, Florida – Carr Gardens

Tampa is on par with places like Miami and New York when it comes to fine dining. Seeing as how the amount of restaurants can be overwhelming to newcomers, I have decided to make this list as a tool for anybody who still needs help finding a good meal.

Exploring Jacksonville Florida Restaurants

Here comes my big Florida exploration trip.  Being a West Coast guy, I really find the south intriguing because its so different from the west.  The whole thing about travel is to explore for me.  So, I’d like to explore in the USA more than foreign countries.  I have little desire to go back to … Continue reading “Exploring Jacksonville Florida Restaurants”

Tampa Fl Trip in April. Looking for Restaurants to Try

I’m looking forward to my next trip to Florida and I am planning on spending a lot of time in the Tampa area for this trip. Whenever I make a journey like this, I always like to preplan dining. There’s nothing like finding out that there is an incredible restaurant in the area and not being able to get a reservation because you did not think far enough ahead.