South Reno’s Top Three Best Restaurants

I have lived in Reno for over a decade, and I have eaten at the vast majority of Reno restaurants while I have been here. I definitely have a few favorites, but at times it can be hard to decide … Read More


Jacksonville’s Top Three Restaurants of 2018 – Comstock Coffee Company

There’s nothing worse than eating at a bad restaurant. There have been a few experiences in the past year where I was just like, how is this restaurant still in business? We consumers have to look out for each other. As so, I am going to help protect all of you guys and make this list of honest food reviews for the best restaurants in Jacksonville. After reading, you should have some inkling as to what makes a restaurant good, and what to look out for when eating.

The Greatest Three Restaurants in Los Angeles

os Angeles is definitely the biggest city in California if you’re just looking at the population. Naturally, this would create a higher demand in the restaurant market. After all, people have to eat. I have been to the vast majority of the restaurants in Los Angeles, and I’m going to review which ones that I think were the best of the best. Hopefully it helps you stray away from restaurants of inferior quality.